We get your unique message on video and/or photo.

Live Subject:

Videography (Video Production) means capturing your live visual footage (the main material viewers see) on video. (For film movies, you would use cinematography.) Examples include video’ing:

  • a salesperson explaining his product/service or software, etc.,
  • walking around showing a house that’s for sale,
  • perhaps an interview with one or more people,
  • people giving their testimonial and/or Review,
  • live event,
  • etc., etc., ad infinitum.

These are just a few of the types of live subject video material that can be done, and gives you a few idea on how you might approach imparting your message to your audience.

Still Photography:

Still photography differs from videography for the purpose of a video, but can be equally powerful in any presentation, such as a stand-alone product, angles of the house/property for sale, head-shot of a person, etc., etc.

We use still shots a lot, because the advantage is that you can place Narration and/or Annotations over a still shot and gain both the visual AND just any message you want to have that same still shot convey. The same picture really can say a thousand DIFFERENT words!

Some of our best videos actually don’t have much if any running motion footage of live action subject, but are instead a collection of still shots with Narration and Annotations. And these have had just as much if not more impact on buyers, and indeed plenty of sales regardless.

So contact us and we’ll send out the crew and get the footage and still shots you need.