VP Marketing / Sales

Taina comes with vast and specialized training in Sales, Marketing and PR. She can sell really well because she listens to clients whole story and discovers what they REALLY need to boost revenue. She's also put on several large, successful events and raised incredible funds over the years.

Good old-fashioned traditional promotion and marketing is essential for everyone. She can guide you through every step. Contemporary methods such as today's Internet marketing (including Email campaigns, Facebook, etc.) is also essential in today's marketing.

Thinking Out of the Box

However, beyond mere sales and marketing skill, Taina has the unique ability to get deep into people's worlds and find opportunities where no one else would even think to look. Taina's innovative entrepreneurial mindset and out-of-box approach consistently reveals new ideas, symiotic working relationships and helps businesses promote, expand and make money, in ways nobody thought of.

Which brings great pride as well as win-win profits.

Thanks to Taina's warm Customer Service care, our clients remain with us for years on end, and are thriving and expanding despite a tough or collapsed economy.


Another unique characteristic of Taina's many, is connecting people and businesses to each other for mutual benefit. Don't hesitate to ask if she can connect you to a strategic alliance that you need. She is a wealth of connections to literally thousands of people.

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