Keep it Natural, keep it UP!

One would presume it's easy to speak into a microphone and tell a story or description of company/product/service, right? Not necessarily. For some sure.

But if you're one of those who is a little microphone shy, then let us help. You don't have to settle for dry, droopy, lifeless narration, or obnoxious shallow hype from condescending know-it-all charlatans selling their latest fake Memory Foam mattress scam or Indian swamp root oil sham! People can see right thru those, and it actually turns business away faster than you can imagine. 

Videos should be NATURAL, UP, COMPELLING, INVITING AND CONVINCING, as well as well-written, informative, and truly answer buyer-requested inquiries. Buyers are VERY savvy these days, and they want to be motivated and inspired to confidence, as well as thoroughly informed. Even “entertained!”

It's called “elocution” and “expression.” Elocution means the skill of clear and expressive speech, especially of distinct pronunciation and articulation. Expressive means oral delivery of a certain ATTITUDE, conveying a thought, intention, a message, an emotion, etc., in an effective or vivid manner.

Inspire Confidence:

It's all about confidence. Buyers must be CONVINCED WITH CONFIDENCE of your products and services, their value to them, and equally certain of your company as better than other competitors.

If you hire a mousy stodgy librarian to do a reading on Extreme Sports Event, you might be sorely disappointed in the outcome. Whereas, you hire an enthusiastic experienced pilot, and you get him talking for hours, and other eager pilots will gobble it up and listen for hours! You get the idea.

You don't need to be or hire an expensive professional actor for an affordable reading. But you should know the difference, and imagine how your target public will receive your message, given the right Narration talent.