Purely GRAPHICS videos, we call them "Graphics-based Videos."

What's a "graphics-based video?"

You might think of these as a Presentations or Slideshows made into a motion video, where the main visual is a combination of text, still photos and graphic elements communicating the message, and not necessarily any live person/place/thing moving constituting standard "motion footage."

They make for awesome "Explainer Videos," product videos, narrated presentations, etc., etc. There are SO many variations, that's it's hard to describe just how wide a spectrum they cover, and their many uses. Point is that these are truly great videos that don't necessarily contain live motion footage, or live moving subject, and indeed, perhaps no photos of real world at all, yet they typically have great success!

Please don't misunderstand, there can indeed be a lot of MOVEMENT within this type of video. Transitions and zooms, etc., etc. these can be quite lively! We're just not holding a camera to capture live footage in the strict sense.

These punchy, dynamic and energetic videos can be done with Graphic Elements alone, captivating the audience equally if not a LOT more so than some boring talking-head video.

We call these Graphics-based videos, and we have made them very affordable to our clients, starting from:


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