Anything can be Modeled in 3D! - Products / Cars / Etc.

Did you know most product commercials are modeled in 3D and then composited into a shot you would believe the product is right there filmed with a camera? You think it's a real product? Nope, it's a 3D model, textured and rendered and placed in the shot for that commercial.
And this includes many car commercials by the big manufacturers, and endless others. They just slap the latest car model render around a motion-capture rig, and drive along. Movie magic!

How about Animated Logos?

You go to the cinema and see all the beautiful Production Company logos with dramatic music and fading lights, etc.

We've done many.

How about a 3D Virtual Tour of a House, Building, etc.?

Same thing here... We model the house in 3D, and then we can paint it any color, place any furniture inside it, illuminate it with sunlight or night lights, then capture than from any camera angle that would be expensive or impossible to photograph or video, or even have the camera move around in and out of places the solid walls would otherwise be impossible to penetrate!

The magic world of 3D is here, and we can bring it to your project!

How about Charts and Diagrams?

We've done many of these too. Instead of sketching something quick and dirty on a whiteboard behind the speaker of narrator, why not work up some nice shiny 3D elements to illustrate your message concepts?

The Uses Never End

What's your project? We wager you could benefit from a well modeled 3D video that really depicts your concept with 3D eye candy!