Model I created in Sketchup. This was done a while ago, long before I abandoned antiquated Sketchup for far better more advanced Blender. Still, I wanted to immortalize it in this video, till I had the chance to recreate it in Blender. At its widest, it's about 3000cm in diameter from east towers to western entrance gates. Vertically, the height of buildings ranges from 300cm (10ft) on upto 9000cm (300ft) at the top of the model, and of course spirals up and then back down as you circle the outer circumference perimeter. Each of the buildings are angled in to the center of the city, about the same 12 degrees Y axis with each. So it’s roughly based on these calculations, and not done to impress any mathematician or geometric perfectionist or load-bearing structural engineer. It is designed however, with passageways, catwalks, bridges and platforms connecting all buildings and structures such that if one wanted to, they could actually do a walk-thru from one end all the way around to the other, given passing inside, outside and around as they go.

Disciplines included: 3D modeling (Sketchup before Blender), concept adaptation, research, script writing, storyboard, graphics/slides, video editing, post-production effects/annotations, final release published to social.