General Graphic Design and Layout

We offer general graphic design and layout for printed or online marketing including Ads (all shapes and sizes), Business Cards (part of campaign), Info Sheets, Brochures, Postcards, Banners, Handouts, printed Presentations, etc.

What is Marketing Communications?

Although the definition refers to the various channels and methods companies to convey their message about products and services to persuade them to purchase, for graphic design in this sense we mean the PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS used for each of these various marketing methods. In other words, the promo pieces themselves that are used to promote with. Anything that requires some graphic layout design to produce the artwork, printed or online.

Different Promo Material for Different Marketing Channels

Now there's different types of marketing strategies available, and each may require different promo materials. For example:

  1. Traditional Marketing
    Any type of promo material that isn’t online. This means printed flyers and info sheets, business cards, postcards, posters, booklets, catalogs, direct mail, billboards, newspaper ads, magazine ads, handouts, door hangers, stand-up banners, etc., etc.

  2. Internet and Digital Marketing
    Beyond a well designed website, and email campaigns, Social Networks are a great place to post videos and ads, and once shared with the community, those promo pieces are seen by many.

  3. Paid Ads
    May require design and layout artwork for printed ads, or perhaps design and layout for online ads and banners, Pay per click, and other paid advertising.

  4. Word-of-mouth Marketing
    May require design of flyers, or business cards, or coupons, or referral incentive handouts, or other people-to-people promo pieces.

  5. Retail Product Infomercials
    These days it's rare to find a supermarket or retail store without some info product video looping on a screen right there beside the product. Yes, we can certainly do these too.

  6. Direct Sales
    May require info sheets, flip charts, printed or online presentations, and of course business cards and handout materials.

  7. Trade Shows and Events
    May require very large size banners, booth design, several types of info sheets, handouts and business cards.

The examples continue, but just let us know what your campaign strategies are, and what promotional pieces are needed.