Integrated; meaning combining or coordinating separate elements so as to provide a harmonious, interrelated whole.

It's all about consistency in image and graphic design across the entire marketing campaign.

Integration.In graphics, that means consistency in design.

In marketing, that means utilizing and combining multiple channels such as website, video, ads, email, and social media in order to promote with a consistent message to a specific audience.

Why is Integrated Campaign Design important?

Imagine discovering a new brand on your favorite social channel, visiting the company’s website to purchase one of their products, only to find their website looks completely different, it's promoting a different message, a different product or a different service. Huh??? You’d have a hard time understanding that brand, or having any confidence whatsoever to buy from them, right? Might as well buy from some nomad street vendor passing by.

Integrated campaign design in marketing promotion exists to eliminate these disparities and differences, regardless of how or when a customer interacts with your brand.

Coca-cola, McDonalds, UPS, Heinz foods, FedEx, Virgin Airlines, Wells Fargo, Samsung, LG, the list goes on and on. And each serves as a great example to brand consistency and integrated campaign design.

Integrated campaign design is effective because it has consistency, thus predictability of consumer experience, thus confidence. It serves to present a united marketing “front.” A consistent image. A recognizable and reliable product or service. At least that's the idea.

This increases the potential to reach a wider audience. This means you have a greater chance of being seen and RECOGNIZED on multiple marketing channels, thus keeping your brand top-of-mind and pushing visitors closer to conversion. This builds trust with visitors as they see a consistent message on multiple channels. This also saves you money in promotion because marketing assets can be used with repetition and repurposed for different marketing channels. This also serves in organic expansion such as social networks and word-of-mouth referrals because customers will more likely help you market your product or service for you.

So... Is your campaign designed with recognizable consistency? Let's keep it together.