VISUALLY convey your idea / message

Beyond the plain text, there's visual aids.
Photos, montages, vignettes, banners, graphic elements, icons, buttons, diagrams, charts, graphs, etc., etc.

Graphics and graphic elements can be used in limitless ways to far better convey your message. Sure it can be idiotically simple, but text is not enough. The text and verbiage writes it out, but people want to SEE it.

You know, the kid that looks ONLY at the pictures of the magazine and reads nothing? Sorry, but that's everybody these days. And years ago, that's how comics books became so popular. Today's MCU hero movies are based on SEEING even more.

A given webpage or entire website just lacks any inviting appeal if visitors have to READ the words and imagine the visuals exclusively in the confines of their cranium. (Books are great, but I'm afraid the vast other forms of visual media are fast making the plain text medium obsolete in marketing.)

No, they want to SEE the pretty girl or the handsome guy pop off the page, and that shiny product just leap out at them and say "buy me, buy me!" They want taste that frosty soft drink with their eyes, and experience the vastness of space without having to imagine travel.

While these graphic elements are typically thrown in with your overall website project, we feel it's worth mentioning as part of our graphic approach to the Web, Video, and all promo materials.

What else can graphic elements do?

Graphic elements show function, pattern, flow, result, status, relationships, hierarchy, quality, characteristics or attributes, or any added visual emphasis. They can include any object that illustrates the concept.

An example might be if the main shot is of a product such as skin cream to rejuvenate and protect the skin… Well the graphic element might show a nice illustration of the skin and the healing properties of the cream penetrating deep into the skin. You SEE it?

Graphic elements are not necessarily interactive, animated or 3D, but they could be.

What are YOU trying to illustrate?