Why is Marketing Consultation Important?

Graphic Design should be based on sound marketing strategy and tabulated marketing survey.

Marketing, among small businesses, is one of the least understood subjects and often receives the least focus if any. Survey? What's that? Worse, the client is convinced he knows exactly what all his clients and prospects think and want. You might be surprised.

Even worse, typical small business owners don't feel marketing or promotion deserves much if any time or money investment. Beyond some dinky free website (with ugly template graphic design, and not at all SEO optimized) they trust that Facebook will do all their promotion for them, or that their limited word-of-mouth referrals is quite enough to keep the business solvent.

Not true. (Not unless you just DON'T WANT much business or revenue because you're too small.)

There are thousands of marketing methodologies out there. Some are good, but many are just slick suits selling their latest get-rich-quick-on-the-Internet scam booklet or software where “just one click” makes you a millionaire. Sure it's possible. But your more likely to get hit by lightening in the desert.

Your promotional campaign should be customized for you, and not some “one size fits all” approach to your unique needs.

Instead, contact us and let's work together to discover your particular scenario and your particular needs, and ONLY THEN can we start to formulate best strategy and solutions for your particular objectives.

How about a FREE Marketing Questionnaire?

Help us ask you just the right questions on your overall marketing strategy.

Sure! Who wouldn't want that? This FREE Questionnaire asks good questions such as:

  • How do buyers find out about you? Do you ask?
  • How can you attract more of just the right buyers?
  • What steps do buyers take to buy from you? Are they clear and easy steps?
  • Is buyer-requested information readily available on your promotion (including website and videos)?
  • What is your Social Networking and PR strategy?
  • Do you have any VIDEOS at all?
  • Do you have adequate information about your company, its products and services, in VIDEO format, that is up, easily found, and in a professional format that buyers are compelled to actually buy from you?
  • And MANY more essential questions are asked---all FREE, and if nothing else, certainly stimulate all new answers you may not have thought of as yet!

Sure, we'd like to do a video for you (and well we can)... But really that's just one piece of the entire promotional campaign and branding that is your public company image and your overall marketing message to your target public.

Remember; You only get one chance to make a first impression.

Contact us today for this valuable FREE Marketing Questionnaire and Interview.