Client: "I Don't Think I Need Consultation..."

And most of our hundreds of clients never thought they needed any consultation either.

But if you follow the old saying "Hire a pro, and let them get on with it," then like our hundreds of other clients, you might agree it comes in as a big help.

Logically, if you're a seasoned Electrician, I wouldn't dream of touching those live wires because I think I know your job better than you. No sir. That's your expertise, and I leave that to you. However, I might indeed consult with you BEFORE I go messing around in the breaker box.

While the danger of electrocution is more pronounced in that analogy, still, poor graphic design in your promotional campaign from the lack of any professional Creative Direction, can be similarly costly, or just as devastating.

What we offer is about 25-40 years EACH of Creative Design experience, having completed over 2000 successful marketing campaign projects from soup to nuts, and having made our clients millions. NO exaggeration. We do careful research, and we know what to look for, and how to apply the many many basic and advanced principals of Creative Direction and impactful graphic design based on proven marketing techniques.

So, if you want a little consultation, we're here for your project and your success.

What's your Basic Concept? How is that Displayed?

“Great tasting hamburgers!” or “Amusement Park that's fun for the whole family!” or “Insurance that's affordable with peace of mind.” or “Lose weight fast and keep the weight off!” or perhaps “Cars that are built with safety in mind.”

Examples are many, but that needs to be identified and isolated into a clear and memorable marketing communication, both conceptually and visually---even audibly.

It's not limited to consistent eye-candy graphics and a catchy slogan...

Creative Director

A Creative Director (or Artistic Director) has a vital role in the product/service development process and marketing them effectively. He's a Designer---the lead Designer. And he does his research homework and designs based on certain criteria and testing, such that the company, the products and services are easily recognized, and buyers trust in the experience of buying and using those products or services. Guiding the “style” into established Style Guides, that are proven workable and sell well. That can and should include predictable human interaction and buyer preferences, adaptability and digital ergonomics, recognizable visual and graphics design, recognizable music, and all other senses.

McDonalds' golden arches, iPhone's Apple logo, VISA and MasterCard, RedBull, Lufthansa and Southwest Airlines, the list is infinite. All thought up and kept consistent by good Creative Directors.

With videos (and film), sure it's visual layout; But it's also brainstorming right from the conceptual inception, thru copy writing, and on down to packaging.

We believe a recognizable and appealing campaign makes for confidence of reliability in the eyes of the buyer.

What's your basic Concept? Let us show you our creativity and creative direction.