CONTENT is king - But I'm not sure what to say...

Not a problem. We'll help you thru.

Desired Content; What info does your Target Audience want to discover about your products, services, company, methods, etc.? That's the main question we seek to answer with any promotional Content.

"Standard Content"?? Many times, just an abbreviated outline of the essential topics to cover, is enough to work up a decent body of Content for any promo piece, website or video. It's typically the same basic sections such as Intro or Homepage, About Us, Products and/or Services with descriptions, Contact info, and perhaps FAQ and Testimonials.

Zombie Content; Of course limited to that would make the Internet world a dull cookie-cutter graveyard of zombie promotion. But it's a good starting point, from which more detailed info can be brought to help fill out the missing details.

Plagiarism/Regurgitated Content; We could cheat, and copy some similar Content from other promo in your industry, tweak it a little so Google doesn't mind so much, and regurgitate/paste it to your project, calling it yours. But obviously that's not preferred and should indeed come from you. After all...

YOU'RE the Expert! The truth is that no one knows your business like you do. So ideally YOU should be the one to tell the world about it. The details and nuances of your products or services. About you. About your company. Etc.

Writer's Block; But I STILL don't know what to say!

Not a problem. We'll schedule you for a...

Content Interview

This is where we sit down (over the phone typically) and we'll ask you a good series of relevant questions, and generally get you talking about your business and the essential topics that need to be covered. This Content Interview takes about 15-30 minutes, and it's SO much easier than you taking the time to write it all out.

We then take all that raw info and organize it into a logical format that can be used for any promo, website or video.

Yes, that still leaves the photos, images, perhaps footage, and of course graphics visual aids such as charts, graphs and diagrams, etc., but the hard part is done for you.

What's your basic Content? We’ll flesh out the rest.