If you thought the Technical Climate was interesting to keep up with as a small business this passing year, just wait!

As I mentioned in my last Newsletter, Endless Graphics is mainly focusing on Videos and the promotion of these videos. Of course, we still welcome any work we are skilled in.

To give you some insight into why we shifted, and re-focused; well SEO with Videos is getting amazing results currently and Video Design is alot of fun to create!

These companies below launched thier Powerful Ideas and New Products and services using VIDEOS!!! “A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words” according to Dr James McQuivey of Forrester Research. (Forrester, January 2009)
These videos I personally found to be particularly effective in getting their messages across!

I made a playlist for you here as well: Endless Marketing Group You Tube:


Science Fiction to Fact- New Level of Technology:

Microsoft HoloLens (Holograms!):


Lexus Hoverboard:


Pipedream (Motorcycle on water!)


Shifting Broad Views On Humanity:

Slap her!


About what really matters


Being whatever you want: (Barbie commercial, very cute)


These videos are examples of why WE are doing videos! I believe that everyone should see these videos. Using High Quality and well thought out Video Techniques, Graphics, ​Scripting, Imagery, Creativity, Technology, Actors, Music and Overall Editing helped these videos really hit the mark!

From Microsoft's new HoloLens a fellow said ​" Science Fiction to Science Fact". I envision this new year to exemplify this concept! From Mars Exploration to Hovercraft to Hologram Designing! Wow!

I will modify this well-stated observation from a Marketing Perspecitve and say that, "Videos are Revolutionizing how Ideas and Technology move from Science Fiction into Science Fact by influencing action across the world!"

I predict this year that video communications will be a fundamental "space" for unprecedented positive progress in the field of Humanities and Technology Adaptation through powerful ideas with visually stimulating video presentations!

Add Periscope with a Live international video launch and you have one special campaign!

We can definitely get you set up with some great Sales and Marketing videos for your own business or idea. We can also help you get them out to your publics.

For our Video Promotion area we ran into the challenge to find an easy way to establish and monitor large amounts data and videos for Client Directories and Social Media.With extensive research and excitement at finding a way, we are now adding a special service into the mix of our services. I'll share this with you in great detail very soon. This will really make Video SEO alot easier! It will increase marketing efficiency and results!

Enjoy these above links and, call anytime to discuss. Happy Holidays if I don't hear from you!