Here is another great article from "Think with Google" on Videos Trends and how certain target markets are using Video to interact on mobile devices.

Click to read the article: 5 Online Video Trends

Here are some questions for you:

  1. Is your current website mobile friendly or able to be viewed on all mobile devices?
  2. Does your company have a marketing video?
  3. Have you listed your company in all of the major search engines that allow you to create information about your business? Yelp, Google My Business, Yahoo, 411, Yellow Pages? (also referred to as Directory Listings or Citations)
  4. Did you know that doing these actions will greatly improve your Local Search Results?


This is THE most important business directory for most businesses. You will first need to claim your business. If you go to Google, look for your business, then you will see a link to "claim this business". You can edit and create an account for your business there, but before it will be accepted they will send out a postcard giving you a code which you will then use to go online and confirm your location.

Best to add lots of information about your company, including images and ideally a video if you have one. Use your best Key words in your business information.


Endless has a great service to get you listed in Local Directories and I am accepting 6 more companies for a very low price of $99/mo. Call me and I'll explain more about it to you, 323-369-8778.

As you know Endless Marketing Group, also Endless Graphics, specializes in full campaign design. We are also creating Professional Videos and doing Video Editing. We would love to sit down with you and see how a video could be used in your promotional campaign to help you target the mobile publics.

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Local searches make it possible these days to get some great search results and traffic especially with a video attached. This is GREAT advice! Act on it!!

I will be doing a more regular series about the different Location Based Directories and how utilizing these and Videos in them can really help your business to be found on line!