In creating Brand recognition for your company it is important to have integrated graphic design, or in other words the same design and logo being used throughout all of your promotional materials.

Repetition of your logo and a “look and feel” begin to create such recognition. As you build your company and interact with your clients, you create goodwill by producing a product they like and want to buy. The trick is in creating recurring business.

How many times have you yourself wanted to find that company that did such a great job for you, from cleaning your car to delivering you a pizza..., but then you could not actually find them again? Certainly you kept their business card …what did it look like?? Now you have a drawer full of them. Which car company card is it??

How can this company be found again easily?

Keep this in mind when creating your own company. How will those satisfied clients dig up or recall who you were? Was it that blue business card with the car on it or this white one with a black font on it?? One needs to differentiate onself from all other companies which is becoming more and more trying as the internet becomes increasingly far-reaching.

One client I ran into actually has a very successful company. They negotiate shipping companies to save large corporations money. The company was unique and was also pretty popular. But, now I actually don’t recall their name. I did recall the two different styles of business cards the two reps had, the completely different look the catalog had to the presentation folder and leaflets…yes, DIFFERENT logos (!!) on all these promotional items I was given. This company had NO design integration. Out of curiosity I checked their website, same trouble-dissimilar to biz card and flyer. This company with huge potential is loosing business by the truckloads. Would-be referrals and those seeking such a wonderful service will likely rarely find a way to their door, as they have not understood brand recognition as a subject. An exceptional and valuable company, yet unable to be easily recognized or found.

Lost income will be the result of such uncoordinated design in a campaign of promotional items.

Company deliverables and promotional campaigns should be created so that a recognizable Brand is created for your company. This applies no matter the size of your company. Your Company name and logo should be strong in that it is easy to remember and shows at a simple glance what your company does. You have very little time to get attention in this world today (a portion of a second). Design should be professional and show your company to be what it is and not something else than it really is. Your logo should be on all of your deliverables as should your website address, so people can find you. Your site, presentation pack, flyers, postcards, business cards should tie in with the same logo and the same overall look in design. In this way people can remember you more easily and find you again in a crowd of others!

Social Networking sites should also follow the same rules as should your mobile websites and texting campaigns. Bar Code campaigns in advertising peices or storefronts again follow the same concepts, as do E-commerce websites. While Retail stores are closing wholesale around the globe, internet sales are increasig which are increasing in income nationwide while retail stores close all over the world. So, consider keeping your online sales branding also integrated so your public is not confused and they KNOW they are buying from you!

Endless Graphics is always here to help with low cost packages and our high-end custom work. We can do integrated design in all promotional pieces from websites to business cards, flyers or even BillBoard design!