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Video Services

(Videos, Graphics-Based Videos, 3D Videos, Videography / Still Photography, Video Preps & File Conversions, Video Editing / Color Grading / Music Track / SoundFX, Video Graphic Elements, Video Narration and/or Narration Coaching)

  • Did you know we offer great impactful videos starting from $499? Did you know we offer Visualization, 3D Modeling and Animation? And 3D Videos?
  • Did you know survey statistics show that using a video on website or landing pages can and does increase visitor-to-buyer conversion by 80%.
  • Do you have any VIDEOS at all? Did you know anything can be made into a Video?
  • Do you have adequate information about your company, its products and services, in VIDEO format, that is up, easily found, and in a professional format that buyers are compelled to actually buy from you?
  • Do need help with video Script writing or narration?
  • Did you know we offer Visualization videos, 3D modeling and animation, and 3D Videos? Did you know we also offer 3D Animated Logos?
  • Can you use some Video graphic elements? Did you know that added to any video there can be an infinite number of possible visual aids that help convey the message such as Cutaways, Annotations, Diagrams, Charts, Graphs, etc.?
  • Why is Video Editing so very important? Color grading? Exposure? White Balance? Color saturation? Does the Music Track really create the mood, and indeed, make or break the Video?
  • Does my video convey my message and inspire buyer confidence?
  • Any noob with a smartphone camera and one of hundreds of free video editing software can slap together what they call "video," but does it follow good research and survey tabulation of your target audience, have a bright basic message concept, follow a logical and captivating format to enlighten people, have a well-written script, include clear intelligible narration, display memorable footage and visually clear shots, bring up the "Ooo-factor" with intuitive/dazzling/world-class graphics and graphic elements that illustrate the finer details, roll with a catchy appropriate and seamless music track, tell a story with smooth well-paced artistic video editing, and really motivate your audience with known Call-to-Action components?

Graphic Design Services

(Graphic Design, Integrated Campaign Design, Visualization, 3D Modeling and Animation, Presentations, Website Design & Development, Ads, Business Cards, Info Sheets, Brochures, Postcards, Banners, Handouts, Printed Presentations, etc.)

  • Did you know we offer great graphic design and great websites starting from $599?
  • Did you know we offer Visualization, 3D Modeling and Animation? And 3D Videos?
  • Do you need any layout for printed or online marketing including Ads (all shapes and sizes), Business Cards (part of campaign), Info Sheets, Brochures, Postcards, Banners, Handouts, printed Presentations, etc.
  • What goes into better Graphic Design? How do we use graphic design basics and advanced marketing to make marketing promo VISUALLY usable, impactful, meaningful and pleasurable?
  • Why do colors have certain meanings associated with them (red=stop, anger or passion; green=go or growth or renewal; blue=trust or stability or purity, etc.) and how should I use them?
  • What is POSITIONING in graphic design and marketing? Why is it useful and valuable to promo campaign?
  • Why is bad design everywhere in the world? Mistakes or malevolence? Poor education or laziness? Just no artistic talent? Or no quality control? Do you realize just how much bad design costs everyone in time, money, resources, safety and even well being?
  • Any charlatan can show you a few designs that he didn't do in the first place and call it a "portfolio," but does he come with the honesty and the experience of almost 40 years and 2000+ projects with successful results in strategic design savvy that's based on time-proven marketing methods?
  • What is Integrated Campaign Design, and why is designing with recognizable consistency so very important?
  • What is a Graphic Presentation? What goes into it?
  • Will just ANY website do ok? Not really… Did you know buyers will visit your website on average of 7 times BEFORE they decide to buy from you.
  • So what goes into a better website? Is it really a marriage between Art / Technical / Marketing?
  • What Content and what Pages should I have on my website? What are your visitors looking for? What are they EXPECTING to find on my website? What do the Search Engines require of my website? Why would a Search Engine post MY website above others?
  • What is the final USER EXPERIENCE of my website? Did the user find it usable? Was it intuitive and user-friendly? Was it useful?

Content & Consultation

(Creative Direction / Concept Consultation, Marketing Consultation, Content and Video Script Writing. Content Assistance / Content Interview)

  • Would you like a FREE Marketing Questionnaire?
  • What's your basic concept? How is that displayed on your promotion and marketing campaign? Do you need help to VISUALLY convey your idea / message?
  • What is a Creative Director anyway? Do I really need consultation or Creative Direction?
  • Not sure what to say on your promo? Need Content assistance? Would you be open to a Content Interview? What should you say? What Content (verbiage and images) should you put in your promo, website or video? Is buyer-requested information readily available on your promotion (including website and videos)?
  • How do buyers find out about you? Do you ask? Is it just Word-of-Mouth? Did they find you thru the Search Engines or referral? Facebook? What is your Social Networking and PR strategy?
  • How can you attract more of just the right buyers? What IS all this about SEO? How DO I get listed high on Search Engines? Can you get me to the TOP of Google??
  • What steps do buyers take to buy from you? Are they clear and easy steps?
  • Can we write/provide or edit Content FOR you?
  • What's holding up the project??? Do you realize it’s the gathering of Content that’s the thing holding up your project, and the thing that always takes the most time?
  • What about a sense of humor? Life is silly. But shouldn't we see humor in life's little ironies?
  • Want to know just what our work will do for you? If you do spend money on graphic design, promo and video, most importantly, will it be WORTH the money? What will you get back? You want to discover just how much we increase clients’ revenue?
  • We're here to help. You need a hand?

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