Enjoy: www.360cities.net/gigapixel/strahov-library.html

This Library was unknown to me and now I’ve discovered it is truely spectacular. In two minutes or less this software achieved great familiarity using a panoramic image. You can see the titles on these old books as well as the artistic detail of the painting on the ceiling of this aged library room. I just wanted to give you an idea of what CAN be done with this online tool.

This particular image was created from 3,000 individual photos stitched together into a single image that is 280,000 x 140,000 pixels. Its huge; around 40 gigapixels, or 40,000 megapixels. Printed version would be 78 feet long!

This resource is a 360 panoramic viewing software. You can even upload images from your phone that you take in a full circle/panorama, join the images (using a special software) and then upload the final image to your 360Cities account and voila! My marketing imagination takes me far with this resource. Link it, and spread it.

Additional software are referenced on this site for actually making the panoramic image, some paid, some free.

The 360cities.net software allows you to use your mouse to scan all around the image, zoom in and out, and ‘look’ all around the photograph.

This is a great marketing tool for restaurants, hotels, cities, and even a suitable product that can be shown in this way. Artists, Galleries, Libraries and even home inventory are just a few uses that can be enhanced by using high quality images. www.360Cities.net

Here are some more amazing examples:



This is a fun resource; be creative with how you use it to showcase you product or location!

Endless Marketing Tip

Using images to tell a story can be vital in marketing and they can make or break a design communication, website search or an entire campaign. That is why the car industry typically pays very well (thousands) when photographing a new car facing a promotional release campaign. Typically this industry is a good example of excellent imagery well understood and used in marketing and campaigns. Here are some examples of what 360Cities has done to begin to evolve this industries marketing!



Talented graphic designers prefer to work with excellently photographed, high-resolution images and will thus give you the best work for your investment when you provide such for a master to work with! Some will not touch the design canvas without them. Why? Having a low quality image can waste time by creating a poor end result that will only help you to loose potential clients.

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Taina Joseph