I hope you and your family and friends are well and safe in this time. We are well and busy and have been completed lots of projects this month. We are particularly proud of this new Aloe Cream Video! Enjoy!

Cutis Vita Aloe Skin Cream Video

If you are wondering how to go about getting a video created for you business, here are some more important tips to keep in mind:

    The editing should be seamless and clever; meaning- the music, video footage and graphics should be in sync, also errors should not be detectable.

    Ideally you would have an idea of what your target public would be interested in hearing about. Do some research or surveys to discover what they would like to learn about in regard to your business or information that would help them.

    Your video should be scripted in advance with either a simple overview or even better, a more detailed, well-written script. This creates a plan and a purpose and thus helps to get across the message you are aiming for. Even a good sketch on a napkin with a plan going over what you will talk about is better than missing this step. This is where you adjust what will be in the video. It also helps discover what graphic elements need to be created to tell the story.

    The video should contain information about how to find you again, with email, phone number, website, ideally. Funny, but this is key and is often left out!

    The video should be uploaded to Youtube and Vimeo, Facebook and Instagram so people will see it faster. You don't have to, but it can be good to take advantage of the free advertising! I have a very long list of where videos can be uploaded to, but these 4 are a MUST!

  6. WRITE OUT YOUR SCRIPT (for YouTube);
    Once the video is completed, the actual words used in the video/the script should be written out in its exactness. This is done after video is fully complete. This written script should be posted on the Youtube video page. This assists with searches in YouTube itself and Google too. It is simple and super helpful to get your video listed/found.

  7. REVIEW;
    If the videos’ call to action does not result in people taking action it should be reviewed and surveyed and tweaked for better results. Survey it to see how people are responding and take down notes on what can be improved. Make sure it is getting the reaction that you intended for the video!

    Make sure you check out the work of the person or team you hire to verify that they can accomplish what you are trying to achieve. You can use this list to see if they have all of these points covered well in the work they do!

This is a good basic checklist to keep on hand for any video project and now completes my list! I hope you found these tips useful!

We are serious about helping people get back into business and to expand even during these times. Feel free to pick up the phone and call me. I'm always full of great ideas to help promote businesses!

This is an interesting take on Covid 19 from Christian! Hot off the press. Enjoy.

Plannedemic: The Teaser...

If you enjoyed the teaser check the same channel for the 20 min long interview with Woody, the interviewer!

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