Did you know that per latest research by Google that 50% of mobile searches are ultimately resulting in a sale? I find this statistic particularly valuable!

Mobile searches are predicted to out-do computer searches this year and take the 50% of all searches statistic.

If you don’t have a mobile website yet, we at Endless are recommending all clients and those we know get a mobile website now.

It is kind of like grabbing your mobile real estate, which is rightfully yours .... if you have a company or a website address! Competition is heating up and you can still be ahead of this curve and take advantage of this time to increase your sales and mobile google interactions.

Your current site can usually be found on mobile devices, but if you build a mobile site that is very easily viewable and the correct size with a specific call to action, then it can be viewed easily and properly on the devices. A good copy writer is truly gold if they can come up with a short important communications. Pay well for this marketing service!

Add to this a local search service for which I have a great one for you, and you’ll be coming up on local Google searches quite easily.

Give me a call and lets get you all set up with a proper, SEO friendly website, a site which is viewable on Notepad size, Ipads, and mobile phones. Once you are ready, We'll set up a local search service for you. All our services are cost efficient and can be paid for in a plan that fits your budget! We have services to cover you beginning at $20 per month. We are great partner and are reliable in our industry since 1993.

Give me a call today! I offer initial calls and quotes free of cost to those interested in getting some help with what they need!




From Tom Hudson of Ebay:

These statements include, but are not limited to, statements regarding expected financial results for the first quarter and full year 2013 and the future growth in the Payments, Marketplaces and GSI businesses, mobile payments and mobile commerce. Our actual results may differ materially from those discussed in this call for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to, changes in political, business and economic conditions; foreign exchange rate fluctuations; our ability to integrate, manage and grow businesses recently acquired or that may be acquired in the future; our need to successfully react to the increasing importance of mobile payments and commerce and the increasing social aspect of commerce; an increasingly competitive environment for our businesses, the complexity of managing an increasingly large enterprise with a broad range of businesses at different stages of maturity; our need to manage regulatory tax and litigation risks, including risks specific to PayPal and Bill Me Later; and our need to timely upgrade and develop our systems, infrastructure and customer service capabilities at a reasonable cost while maintaining site stability and performance and adding new products and features.